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Important Information about Technology and Lung ECMO

ECMO or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation is a life support machine that helps people with severe life-threatening illnesses. Most people who need ECMO are those whose heart and lungs are not working properly. It helps the heart and lungs function better improving the circulation of gasses in the body. Several organs failure systems are involving in critical illnesses where patients are experiencing organs failure. Lung failure or damage can be treated through ECMO. Here are some advantages associated with ECMO.

The main benefit of ECMO is that it can help maintain the supply of oxygen to the body. Injured lungs cannot provide enough oxygen to the body even when given extra oxygen. ECMO machine helps the lungs to rest. ECMO circuit depends on a motor to pump the blood around the body. Traditionally, injured lungs are treated on a ventilator. In the event of badly injured lungs, high pressure and a high level of oxygen are required to maintain the required level of oxygen in the blood. This causes more damage to the lung because of high pressure and high oxygen levels. ECMO prevents this by allowing the lungs to rest while the body heals.
Another benefit of the ECMO machine is that it helps pump enough blood to the body. Some health conditions prevent the heart from pumping adequate blood to the body. ECMO can be used to support the heart and pump enough blood. The patients are monitored and the blood is tested more often to measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. They also get medication to thin blood and prevent clots. If the patients had illnesses that prevented the heart from pumping blood efficiently, he will start making improvements. If you have people with organ failure, you should recommend mechanical support to help them recover.

ECMO machine also helps support people with lung and heart disease that cannot be cured. When some organs fail, the only solution is getting a transplant. ECMO machine will help support your life as you wait for a transplant. Although it cannot reverse the failure, it can help prolong people’s lives as they wait for an organ transplant. If you have any infections that need to be treated, the machine will offer support as healthcare providers give you treatment. It helps you recover faster since your lungs will not have to struggle so much to function. This can help improve the quality of life and make patients feel better.

ECMO offers many advantages over traditional medical therapy. This is because it has the potential to provide cardiac, respiratory, and combined cardiopulmonary support. It prevents barotrauma and helps the lungs to rest. It also prolongs cardiac and respiratory support to people whose heart and lungs can provide an adequate amount of gaseous exchange to support life. ECMO machine works by pulling blood that has no oxygen and pushes it to the machine. The hearts continue to work normally as the machine drains blood from the veins. Oxygen is added to the blood and carbon dioxide is removed. The blood is warmed and returned to the body to help promote body function.

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